From precision Media Buying that secures optimal placements across various platforms to strategic Media Strategy services tailored to your business goals, we ensure your campaigns resonate with your audience and deliver tangible results.

Media Buying

Media buying is where it all began for us at Advantage Media & Digital, forming the grassroots of our expertise. With years of refined experience, we excel in securing optimal placements and rates for your advertising through our extensive network of media partners. Our approach ensures your campaigns achieves maximum exposure and ROI, whether through digital platforms, traditional media, or emerging spaces. Trust us to navigate the complexities of media procurement and leverage our foundational strength to optimize your advertising spend.

Media Strategy

Our strategic media planning services are designed to align closely with your business goals and target audience. At Advantage Media & Digital, we develop comprehensive media strategies that cut through the noise, combining market insights with innovative tactics to deliver measurable outcomes. From identifying the right channels to timing your campaigns perfectly, we ensure your media efforts are both efficient and effective.

Digital Advertising

In the digital age, your advertising needs to reach customers where they spend their time. Advantage Media & Digital specializes in creating impactful digital advertising campaigns that capture attention and drive conversions. Leveraging our proprietary DSP (Demand-Side Platform), we secure digital placements at more competitive costs for our clients. Our platform enables us to serve ads across a variety of digital mediums including CTV/OTT, Display Advertising, Online Video, YouTube, and Streaming Audio. By crafting personalized ad experiences that resonate with your audience, we deliver remarkable results that help your brand stand out in a crowded digital landscape.


Elevate your online presence with our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) services. At Advantage Media & Digital, we combine thorough keyword research, on-page optimization, and strategic ad placements to enhance your visibility in search engine results. Our approach not only improves organic search performance but also maximizes the efficiency of paid search campaigns, helping you attract more qualified leads.

Print & Design Layout

Our print and design layout services marry aesthetics with functionality, ensuring that your printed materials not only look great but also communicate effectively. Whether you need brochures, flyers, posters, or corporate reports, Advantage Media & Digital delivers high-quality designs that reflect your brand’s ethos and engage your audience at every touchpoint.

Graphic Design

Creativity meets strategy in our graphic design services. Advantage Media & Digital offers a full range of graphic design solutions, from logos and branding to digital graphics and promotional materials. Our designs are not only visually compelling but also strategically crafted to support your brand’s objectives and speak directly to your audience.

TV/Radio Production

Harness the power of audio-visual media with our TV and radio production services. Advantage Media & Digital creates engaging, high-quality commercials and broadcasts that capture your brand’s voice and message. From scriptwriting to post-production, our team manages every step to produce content that stands out in today’s crowded media landscape.

Social Media

Transform your social media channels into hubs of engagement with Advantage Media & Digital’s expert social media services. We strategize, create, and manage your social media presence, developing content that resonates with your audience and drives interaction. From building brand awareness to fostering communities, our approach to social media is both strategic and dynamic, ensuring you make the most of every platform.


Buying Power
Over $85 Million in media placed over the last 20 years
Industry Track record
We have helped several companies grow from start-up businesses to leaders in their industry & pride ourselves on our client relationships. This is one of the many reasons many of our clients have been with us for over 20 years!
Strategic Planning
We help create a strategic plan with your goals in mind. Every organization is different & markets to it’s consumers in different ways. Whether that is B2B or B2C, we can help you create a plan to target your audience.
Media Resources/Analytics
We subscribe to Nielsen ratings to help properly plan, evaluate & reconcile campaigns. Many of you are probably thinking, how does this apply to me? Well, with these analytics we can negotiate media rates to get the most out of your dollar for every campaign.
Advantage Media & Digital is a full-service Advertising agency. What that means is we can help with all your media requests. Whether that is a TV or Radio ad, Website Design, Graphic design, or Digital ad, we help you with it all.
We like to be transparent with all of our clients. That is why we keep all your reporting in one dashboard for you & review it as a team at the end of each month. Keeping you up to date on all of your campaigns every step of the way.