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Website Design

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Just as the quality of companies vary within your industry...

…not all website design firms are the same

As a website design firm, we design and build two kinds of sites: custom-designed, and template-based. We do both so we can help companies at different stages of their development showcase their products and services professionally.

It’s true, custom-designed websites make your company look more evolved. But template-based sites help keep start-up costs down, while still looking good and performing well on multiple devices.

Whichever stage you’re in, we’re here to help, because we understand your website might be the first thing your prospects see. And if it’s not a killer website, it might also be last thing your prospect sees – before they move on to your competitors' websites.

You understand people judge us by our websites. That’s just what people do. We all do it. And we're doing it in a matter of seconds. That’s why it’s our goal to make your website memorable and focus on how your website will stand out.

We DESIGN Custom websites

When it comes to doing a custom website design, anything is possible. We can build and design anything you, or we, might envision. From the big things (like image rollover effects) to the little things (like textured backgrounds), each piece adds to the total impression. And the impression has to be at least as good as your products and services are.

When it comes to custom website design, is the website designer's style, your style? Does the designer’s site looks like it’s based on a template? Is the design memorable, and different enough from their competitor’s website design? If you don’t like the website designer’s site, that should be a red flag.

Is their website design style, your style? Does the designer’s site looks like it’s based on a template? Do you like the images they use? Is the design memorable, and different enough from their competitor’s websites?

WordPress and Drupal are two of the main content management systems used today. And while our experience shows Drupal is easier for the end-user (you) to work with, we can build your website in either program.

With custom website designs, we’re also able to do the most with SEO, because there’s less limitations than with template-based websites. The structure in Drupal's and Wordpress' content management systems are completely under our (and your) control.

WE DESIGN Template-based websites

There are very cool mobile-friendly web templates. SquareSpace and Wix templates have come a long way. They’re all mobile-optimized, so they’ll look good in any device and any browser.

Keep in mind, the template examples shown on SquareSpace's and Wix's respective websites look awesome because they have amazing imagery. So make sure your website designer has access to great images. How can you tell? Take look at the website designer's site and see what types of images they use. If the images on their site don’t look good, that’s a reason to be concerned.

And finally, keep in mind templates are only so customizable, and because of that, there's a possibility that, eventually, you’ll want to do something those templates aren’t able to do. It's tough to say what those items will be until they come up, but at that point it can be frustrating that your website won't do exactly what you want it to.

Make sure a website design firm brings a marketing perspective to the table

Nice photos, without the right marketing perspective, won’t help sell your company. Marketing isn’t about you, but what you do for your customers to make their lives better. If the design firm’s website is all about them and not what they can do to help make your business better, there’s a good chance they're not marketing-focused.

Marketing is about connecting with your clients hot buttons right away. Knowing what problem or issue they’re trying to solve and address it right up front.

Other questions to ask of your website designer

Ask if they can they write content, while keeping in mind writing for websites isn’t like writing for print. Writing for your website requires a thorough understanding of SEO. So before you decide to write the content for your website, it’s imperative you understand SEO.

Do they research keywords? Ask if they use Google’s Keyword Tool. The content of your website is built around keywords, which is why you should never guess at what keywords to use. Using the wrong keyword phrases, is like not doing any SEO. Ask if the website designer if know how to use keywords in your website.  

Ask it they're keeping up on Google’s algorithms. Google’s algorithms change often, so if a design firm can’t share what Google’s algorithms are currently, that should be a concern. Ask what some of Google’s ranking factors are and see what kind of response you get.