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No one listens to radio anymore?

Or so they say.

It’s interesting that when people make these claims they offer no evidence other than - “well my friend says they only listen to satellite”.  Advantage Media & Digital has the Nielsen numbers to back up the evidence that people still do listen to broadcast radio, and it still works for clients.  In fact, radio is more cost effective today than it has ever been.

A few thoughts on using radio:

Say the right thing, to the right people, enough times. This is our mantra when developing a radio campaign for our client.

  • “Say the right thing” - Your creative is just as important as your strategy in any medium, but especially radio.
  • “The right people” - Every radio station has a core listenership, and if you are working with a budget and can’t buy every radio station in the market, you need to go with stations that reach your core customer.
  • “Enough times” - Radio is a frequency medium.  The strategy we use with our clients is to provide a minimum 3 frequency (the listener hears the commercial at least 3 times a week), which is still low if the campaign is less than 6 months long.
Over 50% of the population spends enough time listening to broadcast radio each week to make them easily and cheaply reachable through that medium.   

listening to radio ad by columbus media buying firm

The best way to use radio is to become a household word before the customer needs what you sell.

Remember this one thing: The customer is still going to go online before they call. (94% of all retail products and services were sold by brick-and-mortar stores in 2016, but 97% of those purchases were made by customers who went online before they bought from those brick and mortar stores.) Your online presence definitely matters.

Don’t make the mistake of trying to create urgency if your product has a long purchase cycle (medical, home improvement, etc) This only works if you are having an event or you have a short purchase cycle (restaurant, concert, open house), but it’s a lousy way to build a relationship with the customer.

Your ads aren’t working because you’re reaching the wrong customer -  it is because you’re not saying the right thing.  Nothing matters so much as your ad copy. When you’re saying the right thing, people remember it, repeat it and respond.

Because the message is able to reach consumers much closer to the time of purchase, such as when they are driving, radio is often well positioned to influence the buying habits of listeners. When it is used in conjunction with campaigns that coordinate across multiple media platforms, radio can help improve brand recognition, make a product more memorable and increase an advertiser's ROI. Some studies indicate that radio exposure helps increase web traffic and purchase likelihood.

woman listening to radio ad by columbus media buying firm

The strength of radio advertising is the power of words and sound. A distinctive voice can be used as a branding medium. The use of radio personalities to advertise products leverages the trust listeners have in those people, especially when personal experiences with a brand are shared by those personalities. On-air mentions and authentic conversations about a product from a trusted source can be influential drivers of business.                 

Radio has the proven ability to complement other media, improve a brand’s market visibility and increase a company’s return-on-ad spend. Digital technology allows companies to understand and track the initiation of their customers’ interaction with their products and identify behavior shifts. The impact of radio ad campaigns on consumer behavior can be quantified and used to improve future ads.

Radio can be multimedia with the ability to cross over from traditional on-air broadcasts into the online and on-demand markets. That gives it a level of accessibility that allows radio to remain current in the face of constant technological advancement.

Radio served as the first mobile format for news and entertainment serving all demographics. It is now available through a wide spectrum of commercial radio stations, streams, multicasts and podcasts that are often available via app.

Though it has been available for generations, radio remains the best place to enjoy a variety of musical genres, sports and other entertainment, appealing to all age groups and demographics. Radio and broadcast personalities provide companionship and relevant news along with information about products and services their listeners will consider purchasing.

radio speaker on work desk listening to radio

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