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Email Marketing

Email Marketing

A way for your business to continually and consistently update existing and potential customers about new products or sales is sending them a relevant and informative email.

Here are some tips to consider for your email marketing campaign:

You would not judge Radio or TV advertising by running one commercial, so don’t plan to send out only one email to see if it works. Like all other advertising, it takes time.


Set up a calendar for when you want to send out the emails. If you have scheduled sales or events, plan around those. If your product has a long purchase cyle - plan to send one every month for a year.


Use a good balance of text and images. Too many images and your email will get sent to spam, too much text and the email will look boring.
Contacts.  Always be sure your list is update with people who have opted in to receive emails from you. Remember, a quality list is always better than a quantity list.

Advantage Media & Digital can provide content and design for your email campaign. 

We also have access to one of the largest data bases on the market today, and can narrow the parameters to lists such as:

Adults in Franklin County with allergies.

person sneezing depicting pinpointing people for email marketing services

Home owners in New Albany with children.

family in kitchen depciting pinpointing people for email marketing services

Or people in any ZIP code who own a Toyota over 10 years old.

woman by stranded car depicting targeted email services.jpg

We can merge the new data base with your existing customer list as well, giving you a quality list for your email marketing campaign.