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Direct Mail Advertising

Direct mail advertising is mailing current customers or potential new customers special offers or promotions.

This includes things like postcards, newsletters, brochures, etc.

Here are a few benefits of direct mail:

Highly Targetable:

One benefit of direct mail advertising is that it’s very targetable. A business owner can purchase a mailing list of potential clients in specific zip codes and target just those individuals. It also can be a good way to keep in touch with current customers.

Highly Measurable:

Direct mail advertising is highly measurable. If a company does an offer or coupon in the mailer, one can measure the results of a campaign based on how many coupons are redeemed. One may need to test lists and a variety of offers to see what is most effective.


Direct mail programs allow you to address the customer by name. This individualized type of advertising allows potential customers to feel like this advertising was personalized.


There are so many different types of direct mail these days. If you have several demographics that use your product, you can have more upscale plastic or vinyl cards sent to that list and paper to cards to the less affluent list. This can save on costs.

Cost Effective:

Direct mail is cost-effective compared to other types of advertising. A company can test a direct mail piece with a smaller group to see the response before targeting a large mailing list. The creative needs to grab your potential customers’ attention.

some examples of the direct mail we've done:

Hugh White Honda direct mail postcard for Honda Accords

Hugh White Honda Halloween direct mail postcard

Imagine Academy open house direct mail postcard