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Digital Marketing

“Target the masses, dine with the classes.”

– This was an advertising mantra for over 50 years.

We can still help you target the masses, but you also need to include a pinpoint, personal strategy.

Times have changed and so has the effective way to reach your customer. In 2019, people will spend more screen time on their phones than on their TV’s. Personal Media, aka Digital Media will allow your business to effectively target your customer in 2019 and beyond.

Digital Marketing Strategies we provide:

woman searching on phone responding to digital marketing

  1. Search Engine Marketing - When you are searching for something on Bing or Google, a few results will show up at the top with “ad” next to them. These ads are from SEM, or Search Engine Marketing. Companies bid on the words against their competitors to gain access to the top of the page. SEM is also called PPC (Pay-Per-Click) so you pay when someone clicks on your ad.
  2. Display Ads - You are on the Weather Channel checking the 10 day forecast, and along the top of the website and along the side are various ads from different companies. Ads are a combination of graphics and text, all clickable to a website for the product or service. Ads vary in size and type. Static, video and pops ups are just a few.
  3. Behavioral Targeting - Identify individuals who are most receptive to your services. Target customers based on their personal and purchase interests on the internet.
  4. Geographic Targeting - Tracks users by address/location to accurately deliver the digital ads. We could target a county only and can even add impressions in favorable zip codes.
  5. Geo-Fencing/Geo Targeting - Target your audience within a certain mile radius of your location OR your competition.
  6. Retargeting - Have you ever searched for a product of service online, and then for the next 30 days ads for that product keep appearing? Retargeting uses cookies to follow you on the web, and many social media platforms and google utilize this digital tool.
  7. Reach and Impressions - Reach is how many people saw your ad, impressions is how many times your ad was served. The same person could be served your ad multiple times, so the impressions number is in most cases higher than the reach number
  8. Click Throughs/Click Thru Ratio - How many people actually clicked on your ad once they saw it. If you get 2 clicks for every 100 impressions - you have a CTR of 2%.
  9. Conversions - The number of people that reacted to your ads call to action - purchased a ticket to your event, bought your service or product.
  10. Pre-Roll/Video - Video is a very effective way to improve brand recall. Online video ads will appear before the targeted individual receives the content. (i.e., ten second video ads before receiving online news).
  11. OTT/CTV - OTT (Over the Top) refers to TV programming delivered over the open internet regardless of what device it is viewed on. CTV (Connected TV) is that portion of the OTT universe that is viewed on an actual TV set, usually through a streaming device like Roku or via Smart TV. Over The Top and Connected TV are terms that are becoming more popular as businesses look for ways to reach the “cord cutters”.

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