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Let Us Be Your Advantage!

soap box race cars from Columbus digital marketing and media buying agency Advantage

Buying power

Over $50 Million in media placed since 2000. Better margins, higher profits, lower cost per customer acquisition, all because you suddenly have better buying power. Advantage Media & Digital uses the buying power of all our clients to help you get a more effective and efficient media strategy.

Industry Track Record

You need results from your advertising, and a partner in your business who has helped other companies likes yours succeed.

Strategic Planning

We are not just selling our inventory or trying to hit next months budget.  Your company has specific goals and it’s our job to help you reach them. Whether it’s generating traffic, increasing sales, turning over more inventory - or all of the above, Advantage Media & Digital is here to help.

Media Resources

We subscribe to Neilsen ratings and SmartPlus software to help you properly plan, evaluate and reconcile campaigns.

Seasoned Buying Staff

Our media buyers have worked for national companies and work hard at getting your campaign the best bang for the buck.


Award winning  AND sales driven creative. Do you really care if we have won Emmy’s, Telly’s or other awards for our creative, if the ad didn’t produce results? Sure, it’s flattering to have awards - but our clients success is still priority #1.

Digital Marketing

Target your customers while they are on desktops, tablets and mobile. Your customers live (and buy) in the digital realm, you need a strategy and campaign to reach them while they are only a click away from buying your product or service.

Invoice Reconciliation

We make sure you get what was ordered. Most business owners don’t have the time to look at every spot time on every invoice and from every station. We do. We will send you a report, so you know where every dollar is placed. We believe in transparency and our clients love it.

Owner Mentality

We realize our relationship is built on the bottom line.  We are small business owners too, so we understand that the campaigns must provide results. The old saying “half our money is wasted on advertising, I just don’t know what half” - is NOT our philosophy.  We treat your money likes it our own.

Let Advantage Media & Digital be your advertising agency and media buying agency, and give you a complete marketing advantage.